Manifolded Cylinder Bundles
Manifolded Cylinder Bundles
Koyuncu Gas and Gas Equipment

Our company manufactures certified cylinder bundles in accordance with the 2010/35/EU portable pressure vessels regulation of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Our cylinder bundles have TS EN 10961 and TPED certificates and are manufactured in accordance with oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, CNG, helium and mixed gases.

In our cylinder bundles, which can be produced with 9-12-16 cylinders according to your request, since each cylinder is connected to a separate cylinder, the cylinders can be filled in a shorter time and your pump is not forced.

In addition to industrial and medical gases, we also produce cylinder bundles for carbon dioxide, CNG and hydrogen.

  • PRO

Our PRO model is designed for gas professionals. It has been our leading  product for years. Thousands of our PRO model are being used by the gas companies all around the world. Our PRO model comes with volume options of 9x50 lt , 12x50 lt, 15x50 lt  and 16x50 lt and we produce them according to EN ISO 10961 and 2010/35/EU TPED and ADR. In PRO Model, each cylinder is individually connected to the main distribution pipe. Separate connection from main distribution to each cylinder enables fast filling and increases efficiency, so it does not strain the pump. In addition, since a separate valve can be attached to each cylinder, the desired number of cylinders in the bundle can be filled.


  • EKO

Our EKO model is designed for applications where lower cost solution is needed. EKO model comes with volume options of 6x50 lt, 9x50 lt, 12x50 lt and 16x50 lt produced in compliance with EN ISO 10961, 2010/35/EU TPED and ADR. Main differences between EKO and PRO models are frame design and manifold system. 6x50 lt model provides a compact design and usually positioned at gas consumers who don’t have heavy gas consumption but in need of the benefits of a cylinder bundle.




Our XL model is designed mainly for CNG applications however it is being used for industrial, medical and specialty gas applications as well. Our XL model is built using 150 lt cylinders to reduce weight/volume ratio to minimize transportation costs. It also provides space savings due to its taller but smaller dimensions in comparison to 50 lt bundles. XL model comes with volume options of 4x150 lt and 6x150 lt  produced according to EN ISO 10961,  2010/35/EU TPED and ADR.




We produce 4 x 50 lt , 6 x 50 lt and 8 x 50 lt acetylene bundles in compliance with  EN ISO 10961, 2010/35/EU and ADR. Our acetylene bundles are designed for easy assembly and disassembly due to frequent individual weight check and maintenance of acetylene cylinders.






  • DUAL

Our DUAL model cylinder bundles which we produce in accordance with EN ISO 10961 and ADR norms are designed for liquefied gases such as CO2, Ammonia and N2O. Two separate manifold systems are used for simultaneous use of gas and liquid.






  • 9X80 LT

It has been specially designed upon high demand from the UK and Northern European market. Manufactured according to EN ISO 10961, 2020/35/EU TPED and ADR. Our bundle includes nine 80L cylinders.





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