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Food Gases
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One of the most critical places where gases are used in the food industry is to create a protective atmosphere in the packaging in terms of maintaining freshness in the packaging of the products. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) is a method that has grown very rapidly in the food industry and continues to grow.

Air causes oxidative deterioration of food products, bacteria and mold growth in food products. Gases delay the oxidative deterioration, growth of bacteria and mold in the food product, extending the shelf life of the product by 2-5 times, ensuring that it is safe and of high quality. Another benefit is that it provides less use of protective additives used in food products.

As we know, 78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen and 21% is oxygen. One of the main purposes of MAP is to reduce the amount of oxygen in the packaging from 21% to 0%, creating a carbon dioxide atmosphere that slows the growth of bacteria and mold. Therefore, the shielding gases used in MAP usually consist of a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases. However, apart from these mixtures, mixtures of gases and concentrations that may vary according to different product groups are used.

You specify your product, we will prepare your most suitable modified atmosphere gas.

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